[galib] galib web server is back online

matthew wall mbwall at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 7 08:33:27 EST 2007


many apologies for the extended downtime of the web server at  
lancet.mit.edu (the host for galib).  we suffered a hard disk failure  
around 05 jan 07, then had a series of problems with the restoration  
of the server contents from backups.

anyway, galib is now back online.  i have updated the library to  
version 2.4.7 so that it now builds cleanly with gcc4.  i now have a  
copy of windows vista and recent ms development toolchains, so i will  
update galib to work cleanly with those in the next month or two.

you can now access galib in its subversion respository at


or browse the repository at


or you can download a release from the usual location


if you have problems with any of this, please send to this mailing  
list and we'll try to sort it out.


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