[galib] Beginners Problems...

TIMOTHY RONALD PHILLIPS t.r.phillips at newcastle.ac.uk
Wed Jul 18 14:17:51 EDT 2007

I am fairly new to C++ so please bear with what may seem like overly or
simple trival questions.

The problem I am trying to apply GALib to requires interfacing with an
SQLServer as the object function is a model output, and the SQLsever is
the interface between the GA and the Model (accepts the inputs based on
the GA, and model writes outputs to SQLServer)

So far I have noticed that the code to interface with the SQL sever
requires Common Language Runtime Support, but the code incorperationg
GALib doesn't not support GALib.

Is it possible to have a /clr compatible section to link with the SQL
and a non-/clr compatable section to run the GA?

Also I can't complile the examples in VC++2005. I know projects aren't
supported but even with no clr the list of errors is amazing

So it is possible to use GALib to solve a problem where
1.	The objective function is generated by an external exectable,
and retrevied from an SQL server
2.	Where the imputs based off the phenotype of a solution are
outputted to an SQL server

If it is any advice on how to accumplish this?

Or easy is it to learn how to compile the source code from the command


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