[galib] returning a really, really unfit gene

Peter Jay Salzman p at dirac.org
Tue Dec 11 10:11:19 EST 2007

Hi all,

Suppose I have an objective function that gets the objective score from some
external place (here "f()"), like this:

   double objective(GAGenome &g)
      GARealGenome &genome = (GARealGenome &)g;
      double objScore = f( g, badFlag, other stuff );

      return objScore;

There's a boolean flag, badFlag, which indicates (for whatever reason) this
particular genome is bad.  If badFlag is true, then the genome should find
it very difficult survive.

I'm fuzzy here.  I think the relative survival rates are computed via:

   obj score  --scaling--> fitness score  --selection--> new population

Is there some way of telling the scaling function to assign the lowest
possible fitness to a particular genome from within the objective function?
Is there some global variable that allows the objective and fitness
functions to communicate this kind of information?


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