[galib] standard crossover for a GA1DArrayGenome<float> Genome

Christian Samuel Perone christian_perone at yahoo.com.br
Thu Nov 23 05:11:28 EST 2006

in the constructor of GA1DArrayGenome, you can see:

which is defined int the gaconfig.h 
#define DEFAULT_1DARRAY_CROSSOVER    OnePointCrossover


- Christian S. Perone

"kinek at gmx.net" <kinek at gmx.net> escreveu: Hello,

do anybody know what is the standard crossover-function for a 
*GA1DArrayGenome* Genome?
Out of my observations i suppose that it is a pairwise crossover. So 
that the first element on the genome is
crossed withe the first element of the apposite genome, the second with 
the second and so on.

But i´m not 100% sure. I would be grateful if anybody could acknowledge 
or condradict that.

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