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Christian Samuel Perone christian_perone at yahoo.com.br
Fri Dec 1 10:19:20 EST 2006

I have never used aimk of pvm, but seems to be the classical
mistake when editing makefiles, like put spaces instead of
TABs, do you changed the Makefile ?

Moon Sup Choi <totaljj at gmail.com> escreveu: aimk returns

making in LINUX/ for LINUX
/s/uga/msc501/galib246/examples/pvmpop/Makefile.aimk:47: *** missing separator.  Stop.

Below is 

# makefile for compiling the PVM example for GAlib 
# Copyright (c) 1995-1996 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
# mbwall 5dec95
# This makefile is designed to be used with aimk (that comes with pvm3).  You
# should set the PVM_ROOT and PVM_ARCH environment variables as described in 
# the PVM documentation.  For our configuration, I have set them like this:
#    setenv PVM_ROOT= /usr/local/pvm3
#    setenv PVM_ARCH= `$PVM_ROOT/lib/pvmgetarch`
# (I do this in my .cshrc file)  Your mileage may vary.  You can 'hardcode' 
# the directories here in the makefile if you like, but then you won't be able
# to compile on different architectures without changing this file.  XDIR is 
# the location of your PVM binaries.  Do a simple 'aimk' first, then, if  
# everything went OK, do 'aimk install' and that will move the binaries to your
# PVM executables directory.  When you use aimk it will create a subdirectory
# in the current directory for each architecture on which you try to compile. 

SDIR= ..
BDIR= $(HOME)/pvm3/bin

INC_DIRS= -I$(SDIR)/. -I$(SDIR)/../..    -I${PVM_ROOT}/include
LIB_DIRS= -L$(SDIR)/. -L$(SDIR)/../../ga -L${PVM_ROOT}/lib/${PVM_ARCH} 
LIBS= -lpvm3 -lga -lm

C++C= gcc

SRCS= master.C slave.C genome.C

all: master slave

master.o: $(SDIR)/master.C
    $(C++C) $(CCFLAGS) -c $(SDIR)/master.C
 slave.o : $(SDIR)/slave.C
    $(C++C) $(CCFLAGS) -c $(SDIR)/slave.C
genome.o: $(SDIR)/genome.C
    $(C++C) $(CCFLAGS) -c $(SDIR)/genome.C
    $(C++C) $(CCFLAGS) -c $(SDIR)/PVMDemeGA.C 

master: master.o genome.o PVMDemeGA.o
       $(C++C) master.o genome.o PVMDemeGA.o -o master $(LIB_DIRS) $(LIBS)

slave: slave.o genome.o
       $(C++C) slave.o genome.o -o slave $(LIB_DIRS) $(LIBS)

install: master slave $(XDIR)
    mv master slave $(XDIR)

    - mkdir $(BDIR) $(XDIR)

    rm -rf *~ *.bak *.out *.o core master slave ii_files _______________________________________________
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