[galib] Initialization of GAPopulation with GARealGenomes

kinek kinek at gmx.net
Mon Aug 14 10:09:07 EDT 2006


i try to intitiate my first population.

granted that i want to have a population size of 20, and each genome is 
composed of 6 floats so i want to:

initiate each member (genome) of the first population individually. this 
means than each member of my first
population should have 6 individual and predetermined float values, that 
comes from my previous calculations.

my approach is to build 20 *GARealGenome*s and then add to 
*GAPopulation*. After that i would do the genetic
algorithm with:  GASimpleGA(const GAPopulation&)

I´m not sure if this  is the right way to achieve  what i want to do.  
also  i don´t really know whether  do this
manually , or  use some  probably usfull memberfuctions.

I already looked at *GAPopulation* and the possibility of customizing 
the initialization, but not sure if this is good
for my purposes. In addition i´m not very familiar with c++ and not very 
sure how to do this.
I´m aware that the: "*initializer* Specifies which function to use to 
initialize the population.", but don´t know how
to do this in detail, and if using this is good for my task.

Can anybody give me some clues or  code examples?

Thank you in advance

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