[galib] error in example 1

athena lureen111 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 12 00:42:22 EDT 2005

hi all,
i have successfully installed the GAlib in my
computer.  however, when i tried to compile example 1,
this is what i got

c:\temp\include\ga\gaid.h(29) : error C2061: syntax
error : identifier 'GAID'
c:\temp\include\ga\gaid.h(29) : error C2059: syntax
error : ';'
c:\temp\include\ga\gaid.h(29) : error C2449: found '{'
at file scope (missing function header?)
c:\temp\include\ga\gaid.h(56) : error C2059: syntax
error : '}'
d:\program files\visual studio 6.0\include\eh.h(32) :
fatal error C1189: #error :  "eh.h is only for C++!"
Error executing cl.exe.

i looked into line 29 in gaid.h but there's no such
error can occur there. i'm new in VC++.  hope someone
can help me out. thank you. 

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