[galib] Project files for latest Visual C++?

Michael Abramowicz abramowicz at law.gwu.edu
Sat Sep 10 12:43:42 EDT 2005

I am having a lot of trouble getting started with version 2.4.6 under Visual
C++ .Net. (I had previously used galib for an older project without
difficulty.) I have read everything that seems to be relevant on this
mailing list and am still getting strange errors (e.g., a linker error
involving the ran2 function). Obviously, I'm doing something wrong, but I
can't figure out what.
Would anyone be willing to email to me (abramowicz at law.gwu.edu) a project
file that compiles the latest version of GALib successfully? The existing
file in the FTP directory is out-of-date (it uses Visual C++ 5 and an older
version of GALib). (Ideally, if the project file or a separate project used
GALib, that would be really helpful too.) 
Thanks in advance!

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