[galib] Compiling using gcc 4.0.1

Miguel Nicolau Miguel.Nicolau at ul.ie
Tue Oct 11 07:53:27 EDT 2005

Hi there,

some of you might have come across this problem; GALib won't compile 
when using gcc 4.0 or higher. In order to do so, you need to change one 
line of code in the file ga/gaconfig.h (in the directory created when 
you unpackaged galib): in line 368, change

#if __GNUC__ == 3


#if __GNUC__ >= 3

That simple. Run the usual `make` afterwards, and all should compile. 
The following warning appears when compiling all the examples, but 
everything compiles anyway, so I didn't bother in fixing it:

../ga/gaid.h:29: warning: 'class GAID' has virtual functions but 
non-virtual destructor

All the best


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