[galib] GALIB: calling from Fortran

Gabriel Oksa Gabriel.Oksa at savba.sk
Tue Oct 4 05:32:21 EDT 2005


I have written my GA algorithm using GALIB and my functions MyInitializer,
MyMutator, etc. Now I wish to call this C++ group of functions from the older
program written Fortran, which uses also MPI and ScaLAPACK for parallel
computation. The GA library was produce in the Linux environment using g++,

I am using GNU Fortran compiler gcc, v.3.5. The Fortran part uses g77 with the
switch -ff90, the C++ part is compiled using gcc. Compilation and linking goes
smoothly, but the executable code "hangs". Separately, both Fortran and C++
oarts behave as expected, there seems to be no bug in them (although one never
knows ...).

I suspect there might be some problems in the alignment of structures,
enumerations, etc. between Fortran and C++. Maybe I need some switches and also
re-built the GA library. 

Please, can anyone help? I need it URGENTLY!

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,


Dipl-Ing. Gabriel Oksa, PhD.
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Institute of Mathematics
Department of Informatics
Dubravska cesta 9


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