[galib] GALib dll

Evert, Stephan IT/HZA-TBE evertsep at de.ina.com
Mon Jun 27 09:25:34 EDT 2005

Hi Nemat,

I assume you are using VC++. 
If you want to have a galib-dll I would suggest to insert the GA_DLLDECL
macro in front of the non-template class declarations to make those
classes accessible from other modules. 


class GA_DLLDECL GAGenome : public GAID {

In your project for the galib.dll you have to define the preprocessor
macro COMPILE_GALIB_AS_DLL so that all the classes and their methods are

When you want to link it against any other module you have to define the
preprocessor macro USE_GALIB_AS_DLL for the compiler and link then
against the import library galib.lib.

The above mentioned macros are defined in the file gaconfig.h.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards

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