[galib] customization problem

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Supposing these below are the protoptypes for my customized initializer and objectiev functions.

float objective(GAGenome &, float);

void RouteInitializer(GAGenome &, float );

my question is how now do i pass the float parameter to teh fiunctions. normally to make gagenome use my customized function i would just issue:
GARealGenome genome(numCustomer+numVeh, alleles, objective);


but how will i pass my float parameter? oor should i make my parameter a global variable?

I'm sorry for the amateurish quetsiosn but i am new to galib and c++.




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*GALinearScaling*(float c = /gaDefLinearScalingMultiplier/)
    The fitness scores are derived from the objective scores using the
    linear scaling method described in Goldberg's book. You can specify
    the scaling coefficient. *Negative objective scores are not allowed
    with this method.* Objective scores are converted to fitness scores
    using the relation

You can read in http://lancet.mit.edu/galib-2.4/API.html about the
Linear Scaling that not
allow negative scores. To minimize the objective function just call
ga.minimize(), like Anthony said.
This function is in GABaseGA.h:
       int minimize() { return minimaxi(MINIMIZE); }

and the minimaxi() is in GABaseGA.c:

I hope that this can help.

energenius energenius wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using GALib.2.4.5 with VC6.0. I want to minimize my objective
> function. Although my program works properly in maximization, when I
> use ga.minimize(), it stucks and gives no response. How can i solve
> this problem?
> May adding a minus sign in front of the objective function be a solution?
> Thanks in advance.
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