[galib] minimization of objective function problem

Jose daVeiga jfernand at ucla.edu
Mon Jun 6 12:14:15 EDT 2005


I happen to have the same problem.  

When I tried ga.minimize() right after initializing the ga it didn’t
consider the individuals with the least score as the fittest (I am using
GARealGenome, could this be a problem with this specific class?).  

I resorted to using the inverse value for my objective as someone else
suggested...but it is a hassle and not very clear.

Any suggestions?


José daVeiga

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Once you have initialized your ga, you can issue


for minimization problems.


Paulo Almeida wrote:

>I have just started using galib, and I have no experience at all, but
>you try doing that mathematically, like the previous poster suggested,
>the symmetric or inverse value of what your function currently returns?
>-- Paulo
>On Monday 06 June 2005 11:23, #SAWHNEY ADITI# wrote:
>>I am using teh latest version of galib with vc+= and have the same
>>as ther person below. Ie  I want to minimize my objective function.,
ie a
>>memebr of population iwth lower value of the float thast the objectiev
>>function returns should be conisdred "fitter". how can i do this?
please do
>>yours sicnerley,
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