[galib] GALib in VC6.0++

Gunaratnam Sooriyakumar Soori at CTDYNAMICS.com
Mon Jan 17 12:29:41 EST 2005

Hi Mathew,


Examples written in Visual C++ 5 (example 1, 11 and 25 downloaded from GA
ftp site) are not working with visual C++ 6.0.  Also when I open these
examples in VC++ 6.0 the class wizard in the VC++ does not become active. I
want to modify these examples (connecting to Excel) with adding Excel type
library. But as class wizard is not active I couldn't do it.  I am very new
to VC++. 


My final program is going to be (optimization program):


1.    Getting inputs from Excel (constraints) 

2.    Formula for the calculation of objective function is also in the
Excel. So inside the objective function excel will be called. 

3.    Results will be sent back to Excel. 


So just I want to know how can I call excel in one of these examples in VC++
6.0 can modify that example according to my need.







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