[galib] Change mutation function

matthew wall mwall at oculustech.com
Fri Feb 25 17:41:09 EST 2005

On 21 Feb 2005, at 12:11, Mark Hodgson wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm having problems changing the mutation function during an evolution.
> GAGenome provides methods to change crossover and objective functions, 
> both of which are working fine. However it does not have a method to 
> change the mutation function so I am trying to use the
> mutator(GAGenome::Mutator)
> function of GAGenome to change it. This is not working; the previous 
> mutation function continues to be used.
> Am I missing something obvious? Is there a way to change the mutation 
> function mid evolution?

if you change any of the functions (objective, crossover, mutation) 
mid-evolution, you must do so to each genome in the population; 
changing functions on a single genome will not change functions on them 
all.  this is because the population clones a single genome in order to 
create a population, and the cloning operation copies the operators.


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