Subject: R: [galib] Galib in borland C++ Builder 6.0

Brian Barkey brian_barkey at
Wed Feb 16 15:21:16 EST 2005

       I have been using the GALib with BCB 4.0 without too much trouble.
 This will probably work for BCB 6.0 too.
After some work I ended up making a library (File->New,  then select
"library") and then selecting all the GA files.  I had some trouble
getting it to compile as BCB believes files labelled "*.c" as C files. 
So I renamed all the *.c" files to *.cpp and it compiled.  I haven't run
all the examples, but I haven't had any problems yet. So far the GA
library seems very robust, but I've only used a few features.
        Also, I have done this with the previous version (2.4.5). 
Someday I'll get the new version. (You know how it is, if it ain't broke,
don't fix it!)

        I hope this helps,
                                Brian Barkey

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