[galib] Compiling GALib 2.4.6 with VC++.NET

mwall mwall at oculustech.com
Mon Feb 7 06:15:18 EST 2005

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005 at 03:30:26, Ing. Mónica R. Guajardo wrote:

> I found the GALib very useful, and now I am trying to install the latest
> version of the GALib on Visual Studio C++.Net 2003. I have an error message
> and can´t get the version to compile. I show the steps I followed:

> 3.  I specified the following:
> 	a.	In gaconfig.h  I added the line #define NO_STREAMS

as of 2.4.6, the NO_STREAMS directive no longer has any effect.  if you want to
turn off streams when using galib with visual studio, comment the
GALIB_USE_STREAMS line in the visual studio section of gaconfig.h.

apologies for not making it easier to control the galib options from a project
file, but i find that modifying gaconfig.h will result in fewer errors than
having to set the macros in each project file.

> 4. When "building" my project, the following error message appears:
> e:\Master\Myproy\GALib\galib246\ga\GATreeGenome.C(350): fatal error C1010:
> unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive
> Does anyone has any clue?  

i did no testing with the precompiled header option of visual studio enabled. 
whenever i have used the precompiled headers in visual studio, i get (re)linkage
problems, especially when i am making fast and furious changes to the code. 
when precompiled headers are turned off, the builds take (slightly) longer, but
at least i know that the code i am running is the code that i wrote.

try disabling the use of precompiled headers when you build galib (i think it is
the /YX option that enables precompiled headers, don't know what disables it)


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