[galib] Damaged HQX-File (Code-Warrior-Project)

Andreas Borg andiborg at gmx.de
Wed Dec 7 12:08:16 EST 2005


I am trying to compile GAlib on Mac OS 10.4.3. I downloaded the file 
<http://lancet.mit.edu/ga/dist/project_files/cwpro3.sit.hqx>  containing 
a Code Warrior Project which I hope is importable in XCode. However, 
StuffIt Expander gives me an error message telling the file is damaged 
(I retried the download several times, it should not be a network 
issue). Does anyone know anything about this problem?

Thanks in advance,
Andreas Borg

p.s.: I also tried using "make", but it gives me a lot of error messages 
I don't understand. The "README"-document says the CodeWarrior project 
should work, so I'd like to try that first.

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