[galib] GA doesn't evaluate all mutated individuals

Anthony Liekens a.m.l.liekens at tue.nl
Wed Nov 24 04:43:42 EST 2004

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Daniel Marbach wrote:

>I'm using galib to co-evoleve configuration and control of modular robots. At
>the beginning I was very happy with galib, but by now I must say that I spent
>more time studying the library and customizing stuff than it would have taken to
>implement the GA from scratch. But that's just because I customize/extend almost
>everything (Genome, selection, replacement, scaling, mutation...), I believe
>galib can be highly beneficial for users with more 'standard' genomes.
>I had a problem that cost me a lot of time - I don't know if it is a bug in
>galib or if I
>did something wrong:
>For a long time, the performance of my GA (a GASteadyStateGA) was not very good
>and weird things happened (e.g. weak individuals had a high fitness). By
>coincidence I discovered, that the GA was not always evaluating all the
>individuals that mutated. Adding the following lines to my mutation function
>solved the
>if (nMut > 0)
>   _evaluated = gaFalse;
>Shouldn't galib do that for me? Or what did I do wrong that I had to add these
>Thanks for your help,
>   Daniel
>PS: My genome class extends GATreeGenome<GARealGenome>.
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