[galib] Obtain "bestIndividual()" value

gio sarto teofilo68 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 9 15:15:34 EST 2004

When you use GAGenome's that are a derived of
GAArray (it is the case for GARealGenome),
all you need to do is to cast it to its actual type:

// before doing this you may want to check
// that the identity is correct, use
ga.statistics().bestIndividual().classID() ==
// or the C++ dynamic_cast< T > operator
// then cast 
GARealGenome& gr = ga.statistics().bestIndividual();

// then you can use either the ::gene(int i) method
x = gr.gene(i);  // 0<= i <= gr.size()
// or the indexing operator:
x = gr[i];

// or you can even cast the genome to a pointer to
// double, and then index this directly:
double* pgenome = (double*) gr; 
x = pgenome[i];
// this holds in general for any genome calass that
// is derived from GAArray<T>, not only for

Have a look at the header files:
GAArray.h and GA1DArrayGenome.h



 --- Luca Moscatelli <lucaster at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hi to all.
> I tried the first examples and they are all clear,
> and I saw that the
> best individual is only printed at the end of each
> program, but what
> have I to do if I want to use it?
> I'll try to be more clear:
> I created a GARealAlleleSet, filled and inserted
> into the
> GARealGenome, then I evolved it.
> If I print the best individual like in the examples
> with "cout <<
> ga.statistics().bestIndividual()" I see the right
> value, but now I
> want, for example, to add 1 to this value...
> Now, I looked the documentation and I saw that the
> ga.statistics().bestIndividual() returns a
> GaGenome&,  how can I put
> this value(s) in a float variable(s)?
> Thanks in advance to all of you!
> Bye,
> Luca
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