[galib] Objective and Problem Convergence

narayanaswamy.2@wright.edu narayanaswamy.2 at wright.edu
Mon May 17 13:45:41 EDT 2004

I am using the Genetic Algorithm to find a feasible solution for the 
Generalized Assignement Problem. I have written a main Progam for a 
2Dimensional array as the problem data set is a 2Dimensional array. I am able 
to complie and run the code but the results i am getting are no where close to 
optimum and the anwer converges at the first generation it self. Does anyone 
know what the problem is and how can it be fixed. Second thing is that does 
anyone know how to change the objective from maximation to minimazition. I am 
actually stuck and would appreciate any one's help. Thanks in advance.
Ramya Narayanaswamy

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