[galib] ga for process scheduling

Anshuk Gandhi anshuk at iitb.ac.in
Mon Mar 22 03:47:10 EST 2004

There are countless algos for process scheduling, many of them being
combinations of simple heuristic approaches like FCFS, priority
scheduling, round robin, etc. given a set of processes to be scheduled and
the cpu and memory resources available, these try to generate a schedule
that optimises criteria such as cpu utilization, turnaround time, waiting
time, etc.

GAs and other local search heuristics have also been used to derive
efficient process schedules by representing the processes in various ways,
depending upon the characteristics of the system and the criteria of

"Computers & Operations Research" (elsevier published, i guess) is a good
journal that you may refer to for research papers in this subject.

Anshuk Gandhi
IIT Bombay

shruti pandey stutishruti at yahoo.co.in
Sun Feb 29 17:41:53 EST 2004

i am shruti pandey , third yr , computer engg. , army institute of tech.,
pune , india .....
plz tell me abt the present method of process scheduling
and if it can be optimised by using genetic algorithms, if yes how ??


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