[galib] galib245 & codewarrior v8.0

Mark Kenny 9839623 at student.ul.ie
Mon Jun 28 12:40:59 EDT 2004

Hi, Im just starting to use galib with the macOSX platform and 
codewarrior v 8.0.  I have put all of the headers and include files 
into the metroworks include folder on my system, I can compile using a 
standard c++ project file but im getting linking errors, one of which 

Link Error   : undefined: 
'GA2DBinaryStringGenome::~GA2DBinaryStringGenome()' (descriptor)
Referenced from '@10482' in GA1.cp

I have no problem with making the files using gnu through the terminal, 
it must be something to do with the project file.

any help would really be appreciated


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