[galib] GALib C++ Sources

msikora@iinf.polsl.gliwice.pl msikora at iinf.polsl.gliwice.pl
Sat Jun 12 10:23:29 EDT 2004

GALib C++ Sources 

I want to use the GALib library to tuning the rough-fuzzy classifier
Where can I find the GaLib C++ Sources ? The server 
lancet.mit.edu/galib is not 

I will gratefull for help. 


Marek Sikora Ph.D.            e-mail: msikora at iinf.polsl.gliwice.pl       
Institute of Computer Science                                            
Silesian University of Technology                                           
Akademicka 16                  tel: (+48 32) 2371154              
44-100 Gliwice, POLAND                 

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