[galib] how to generate same initialization

Kaijia Han kaijia at na.chalmers.se
Wed Apr 28 03:13:29 EDT 2004

Dear all:
I am using GAlib for practical enginnering problem.I use steadystate
ga.Now each time when I initialize by ga.initialize(seed), i want the
generated populations are same.I try to set seed=3 or other constants but
it seems it does not work.Anybody can help me!

Another question is how to get minimum generation and popsize. For my
problem every time I need to call another software which takes a lot of
objective evaluation time.I only use 40 generations and 10 popsize as
beginning.But because (maybe) different initial guess,it is hard to really
give analysis.Sometimes it pop out very good results but same parameter
can give bad results.How should I carry out my analysis?Any suggestions
for parameter analysis of GALib are welcome!

Thank you!


Kai-Jia Han
Marin Teknik, Chalmers
412-96 Goteborg
00-46-31-772 1485(Phone)

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