[galib] how to write the best genome to a file

Olivier Parisy parisy at labri.fr
Wed Apr 14 08:58:25 EDT 2004

Ooops. no reply-to ?

sunyanxin at sh.com wrote:
> 1.I have got the best geome,how to write to a file .
> generate a file pointer to a file ,then replace cout=file stream?
> cout << "ga :\n" << ga1.statistics().bestIndividual() << endl;

This won't work. You'll have to create a file stream ;
then you'll be able to feed it your data, exactly as if
it was cout.

So it'll be something along the line of :

#include <fstream>


std::ofstream file("mygenome.txt");
file << "ga :\n" << ga1.statistics().bestIndividual() << std::endl;

The file will be close as soon as the associed object is destroyed,
so you won't have to do this manually most of the time.


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