[galib] Re: GAParameterList and embedded spaces

Nate Barney barney at chgr.mc.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Apr 5 16:53:08 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 15:25, Nate Barney wrote:
> I'm hoping to use a single configuration file for GA parameters as well
> as program-specific parameters.  My question is, is there any way to
> read from a std::istream a string parameter that might contain embedded
> spaces?
> For instance, one of my parameters is the file name for my input data
> set.  If users run my program in windows, it's entirely possible that
> the filename contains spaces.

Hi all,

Since I didn't receive any replies to this, I'm forced to assume that
what I want to do isn't possible with GALib 2.4.5.  So, I decided to
patch my copy of GAParameterList.C with code to understand quotes and
backslashes, which results in a nice way to specify parameters with
embedded spaces.  [This was only necessary for
GAParameterList::read()... GAParameterList::parse() can already handle
spaces because of the way the command shell passes parameters to the
program.  As such, I left GAParameterList::parse() unchanged.]  If
anyone (especially Matthew) is interested in this code, let me know.


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