Compilation Error --- binary '<<'

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Mon Mar 31 18:07:43 EST 2003

Dear Chandrasekar,

I have tried to follow your step, but i have same problem like does Pinky

ex1.c(71) : error C2679: binary '<<' : no operator
defined which takes a right-hand operand of type
'const class GAGenome' (or there is no acceptable
Error executing cl.exe

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Hai Pinky,
I have tried to compile the examples using Visual studio 6.0 I was able to
compile all the examples. The common thing you should remember to do for the
examples is:
1) In project -> Settings -> C/C++ : add /TP in Project Options
2) In project -> Settings -> C/C++->c++ language : check enable RTTI box
3)In project->settings->link : add ga.lib (or the library you have
generated) in object/ library modules
4) In tools-> options->directories : choose Include files and include the
path where your header files can be found. example: c:/galib245/ga and/or
5) IN tools->options->directoreis: choose libraries and include the
directory(path) where your ga library is located ex: if you ga.lib is found
in ga directory the u should iunclude c:/galib245/ga.
6) In the examples instead of <iostream.h> i.e. old std header files include
the new ones llike <iostream>, <fstream>, <string>. However <math.h> and
<stdlib.h> should be left as such.

now i think it should work.
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