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Nicholas Cunliffe nicholas.cunliffe at
Sat Mar 29 23:25:11 EST 2003

Following my previous message I have already found the source of 
the error. I had precompiled the library file using /MLd and then 
tried to compile the main program using /MTd which caused a 
clash. Hope I havent wasted your time.



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I am using VC++ 7. I am having trouble with compiler problems. I 
note that Galib must have the 'not using managed extensions' i.e. 
not /clr compile option together with the single threaded debug 
/MLd option. If this is not the case I get link errors of the sort

ex1 error LNK2005: ___argc already defined in 
ex1 error LNK2005: ___crtExitProcess already defined in 

The problem that I have is that I need to incorporate your software 
with another third party FE analysis software which requires the /clr 
option together with /MTd. Can you think of a way round this? This 
is a really crucial step in my research and I would appreciate any 

Thanks for your help in advance.


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