GALib and MPI

Liekens, A.M.L. A.M.L.Liekens at
Mon Jul 7 18:50:21 EDT 2003

Hi Demet and GAlib mailing list members,

A student at our group recently finished his (very good) master's thesis on
the design, implementation and testing of a parallel implementation of
genetic algorithms. In this design, a combination of GALib and MPI were at
the core of our implementation, and the design of GAlib has been followed to
make a very simple transition from a single population GA to a multiple
population GA (the transition only needs a few lines of GAlib applications
to change).

We are planning to make the thesis (which describes the design,
implementation, tests, and a tutorial on how to use the implementation) and
the resulting software package available on the internet. 

However, I am currently fairly busy and won't be able to go public within
the following weeks. So if you would grant us some time, we can prepare some
tarballs and a PDF file with the thesis.

I am definitely sure this could solve your problem. I will post the software
package and the thesis on this mailing list, so stay tuned.

Anthony Liekens
Biomodeling and Informatics
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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From: Demet Erbas
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Subject: GALib and MPI

I'm a new user of GALib and trying to make parallel run using MPI. There
are two examples included in the library to illustrate the use of GALib
with PVM, but i need to use MPI. Since i'm not so experienced with
parallel programming, i'm having difficulties.
Is there anybody who uses GALib with MPI ? If yes, could you send an
example code to me ?
e-mail: demet.erbas at <mailto:demet.erbas at> 
Thanks in advance,

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