[galib] Install GALib with PVM

Kaijia Han kaijia at na.chalmers.se
Wed Dec 17 11:15:43 EST 2003

Dear all:
I am a new user for GALib. And I download the newest version
gazip245.tar.gz and install it in my computer as a root.After make and
make install, it seems it is working because I run the exercises which
give some results.

Then I want to make (or aimk )pvmind and pvmpop directories. First I
download PVM 3.4.4 from internet. And decompress it to /usr/local/, it
creates a directory called pvm3.I set PVM_ROOT and PVM_DTACH as mentioned
in the documention. And after make it is working in that directory.(maybe
because at least there are no errors).

Then I come back to galib directory and cd pvmind and pvmpop where I run
aimk. But both of them say they can not find this command at all!I do not
know how to change the related makefiles or What right things I should do.

Any suggeations are appreciated in advance!



Kai-Jia Han
Marin Teknik, Chalmers
412-96 Goteborg
00-46-31-772 1485(Phone)

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