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VINAY VENKATARAGHAVAN venkatra at engr.smu.edu
Tue Aug 26 12:10:13 EDT 2003

What I meant when I asked the question as to how is the solution being
obtained is that the objective of the program was to fill a string with
alternating 1's and 0's. 

1. Therefore, how does the evolution process in this
example and case evolve only the fittest  individuals. Since in this case
I do not see any selection happening. 

2. What is the basis for populating the genomes for subsequent
Is it as per the genome with the highest score in the current generation.

3. How is the mutation and combination taking place. Where and when does
take place. At which stage of the process in a particular generation. For
example for a particular generation: are all the individuals first
evaluated and only after that is the mutation and crossover applied? At
what point does mutation and crossover take place? 

Thank you for the previous response. It really helped. 


On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, Liekens, A.M.L. wrote:

> 3. In the example in ex1.C how are we evaluating the fitness of the
> individuals in the population belonging to each generation? How specifically
> is the solution being obtained.
> The first genome that is created in the ex1 main function, is given a
> pointer to the Objective fitness function. As the ga creates more genomes,
> the objective function is cloned from this first genome. As such, the
> fitness of the individuals can be computed, using this objective function.
> Evolution now takes care of of evolving individuals with a fitness as high
> as possible. (I don't really get what you mean with your question "How
> specifically is the solution being obtained.")
> Anthony,-

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