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VINAY VENKATARAGHAVAN venkatra at engr.smu.edu
Thu Aug 21 15:35:26 EDT 2003


I am new to using GALib and I just had a few questions. 

1. In example ex1.C: how is the first genome's contents initialized. It is
   declared and intialized with the width, height and Objective function.
   But where is the actual initialization of the contents of the

2. What point signifies the end of a generation? 
   Is it after all the genomes in the poplulation have been evaluated or
   some kind of threshold value has been reached? 

3. In the example in ex1.C how are we evaluating the fitness of the
   individuals in the population belonging to each generation? 

   How specifically is the solution being obtained.

I would really appreciate responses to these questions. 
Thank you in advance.

Vinay Venkat

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