Where to start ? - nonlinear equation fitting

Jos Aerts jos.aerts at unibas.ch
Wed Apr 30 10:43:03 EDT 2003

Hi, I am rather new to GAs and especially GALib.

What I want to do is nonlinear equation fitting using the GALib library.

So I a set of N data, each having parameters A,B,C,D,...
And for each there is a score S
So I need to find the best possible function f(A,B,C,D,...) so that for 
each data point the result is as near as possible to S.

My function might look like :

f(A,B,C,D) = -5.82 A + 3.17 log(6.2B) - 82.5/C + ...     etc...

or even using combinations ... -5.82 (C*0.82D) ...

Is there an example in the example files where I can start from to work 
on this problem (I could not find one) ? Or does have anyone an example ?

Best regards and many thanks in advance


Jos Aerts
BioInformatics group
Mail: Jos.Aerts at Unibas.ch

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