Andrew Marek drewmarek at
Tue Apr 8 02:08:07 EDT 2003


I am a Masters student at Washington University in St. Louis, and I am 
currently doing some research using genetic programming in the field of 
computer vision.  My current work is an extension of Martin Martin's work in 
the realm of obstacle avoidance on a robot.  However, my future work (my 
masters thesis) is going to be a much broader extension of Martin's work (an 
extension into arbitrary feature detection with the incorporation of 
multiple sensor modalities).

I am searching for a suitable platform for my research and GAlib looks like 
a great start.  I really like the control it gives me and the ease of use.  
However, I'm wondering if it supports parameterized types, and the storage 
of multiple node types with various return types.  I need to be able to 
control which nodes can be in the root and which ones cannnot.  I need to be 
able to control what nodes "go together", as in what return types mesh, ie. 
parameterized types.

Can GAlib support this functionality without too much pain?  If not, do you 
know of any genetic programming / GA library's or software packages out 
there that might be of use to me?  Any help you can offer is greatly 

Best regards,
Andrew Marek

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