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for instance, if you are using MVC++, you can go to the following link and 
do all the steps:

  The link:http://abacus.mwsu.edu/~simpson/GAlib%20install.htm
The "selected directory" that works is the one in Visual Studio that holds
all the other *.lib files.
Whenever starting project, be sure to change all the settings and add the
GAlib.lib file where the document indicates it!


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>     I am a college student in China. I read your GALib and I think your 
> it is very good!
>     But ".\galib-2.4.4\projects\library\Debug\galib.lib" does not 
> exist.So your
>GALIb's tspdemo don't build!
>     I want to get it ! Think you !
>   yours,X.Chen
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>Dear,<br>    I am a college student in China. I read your GALib and I 
>think your it is very good! <br>    But 
>&quot;.\galib-2.4.4\projects\library\Debug\galib.lib&quot; does not 
>exist.So your <br>GALIb's tspdemo don't build!<br>    I want to get it ! 
>Think you !<br>  yours,X.Chen<br><body 
><font style='font-size:9pt'>
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