Special genome generation

Ing. Maldonado Masera, Fernando fernando.maldonado at itesm.mx
Wed Oct 23 10:23:54 EDT 2002


   I have a genome codified in the following way:

          GABin2DecPhenotype map;
             map.add ( 6, 1, 64 );        // alfa parameter
             map.add ( 6, 1, 64 );        // beta parameter
             map.add ( 6, 1, 64 );        // gamma parameter
             map.add ( 1, 0, 1 );        // state of model (on, off)
             map.add ( 3, 0, 7 );        // witch random number generator

   Where alfa, beta and gamma need to keep a relationship between them. I think, I will loose genetic information if I throw the genomes who not satisfy that relation during the generations.

   I think one solution is to re-interpretate the genome code, in order to recover the genetic information generated.

   But, in other way, Is there any method in GALib to control how a chromosome is generate, in order to conserve this kind of relations ?

   Waiting for your comments,

 Ing. MALDONADO M Fernando M
 Laboratory of Digital Systems
 Electrical Engineering Department
 Tec de Monterrey
 E-Mail: fernando.maldonado at itesm.mx
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