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Ray Wang rdwang at
Sat Mar 30 22:07:12 EST 2002

    I'd like to know how to modify GALIB to allow me to compare different chromosomes with the fitness value that is not a single numerical value.  In the current GALIB implementation, the function "Objective" is used to calculate and return the fitness value corresponding to a chromosome.  The selection mechanism selects the chromosomes based on the obtained fitness value of a chromosome.  However, if the fitness value is not a single value, but is a fuzzy set (we don't want to defuzzify the fuzzy set into a single value) or a set of objective values (we do not want to combine them into a single objective value), then the current GALIB cannot handle this type of problem.  I just wonder whehter it is possible to use the concept of operator overloading to modify the GALIB code.  If anyone know how to modify it, please tell me which part of the codes should be revised.  Or inform me whether there is any other freeware that can do the function I want.  Thanks!  

Ray Wang
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