GAArrayGenome class

pcheung pcheung at
Mon Feb 18 08:51:23 EST 2002

Dear all:
"I would like someone to know how to use the GAArrayGenome class 
in Builder C++ 5.0. I tried to run an example by GALIB (# 21), but I 
didn't get it. I think, That example uses templates class and I would 
like know how to use it following declaration:

// Piece of #21 example (GALIB)
main(  )
                GARealAlleleSet alleles (0,1);
                GARealGenome genome2 (length,allleles,objective1);
                // The compiler didn't recognize GARealGenome.....
I included necessary .CPP and .h files in my main project.
Do you have some small example about GAArrayGenome class 
application in C++ Builder?"
Thanks a lot.
Best regards.

Peter Cheung 
PhD Student
Departament of Hydraulic and Sanitation
University of Sao Paulo

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