a possible solution for compiling examples successfully for VC++6.0, again

Chao Hsu Lin bg23797 at binghamton.edu
Wed Feb 6 14:52:12 EST 2002


Thanks for posting my email. I checked the page message 592 and found out that the solution was unreadable. So I email you again.

First of all, I am not major in CS. The following information is how I can use galib. The method presented here just is a guideline. I don't guarantee it will work for you. It worked for me. I used VC++ 6.0.

The first step is to get galib.lib file so you can run the examples given by the package. To generate galib.lib file please follow the instructions in message 355 (http://lancet.mit.edu/galib-mail-archive/355.html) for detail. Thanks to Dr. Wilson.

1. Download galib.zip from the ftp site and unzip it.

2. Double click the galib.dsw in the folder of \galib\projects\. It will fire VC++ automatically, then use build option to generate the galib.lib file. According to the version file this is 2.4.4. If you prefer using 2.4.5, here is a tip just replacing the ga folder (2.4.4) with the ga folder (2.4.5) then build it. Please note that this method must be proved (confirmation of working) by the original author or the authorized person. I haven't tried yet. Once you complete above two steps you should have the galib.lib in the folder of \projects\library\debug.

3. Use any example given by the package to test, taking ex9 as an example. I have tried out for ex 1, 2, and 9. Once you have ex9 project with "win32 console application" option, in the "file view" window, you need to include both ex9.c and galib.lib to the "source files". I don't know why the galib.lib has to be there. All I know is if it is not there you would get LNK2001 errors. By the way, I don't know about MFC.

4. Go to Project/Settings (or press ALT+F7), in tab of C/C++ add "/Tp" parameter in "Project Options" window, so that your compiler can read .c files correctly.

5. Go to Tools/Options, in tab of Directories add proper directory for both "include files" (for your ga folder) and "library files" (for your galib.lib file) settings.

Once you complete above steps you can press the build button (or F7 key). You should have a successful compiling and linking. Good luck!

I am not sure that above steps are correct. The purpose of this just to let you get going on the first step. If you have successfully compiling and linking, or you find any redundant steps please inform other people and me. Or even you can not make it work let people and me know as well. Thanks. My email is bg23797 at binghamton.edu.

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