Milko Kuilekov milko_kuilekov at
Sun Dec 29 10:44:14 EST 2002

Dear Researchers,
I'm a PhD student in Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany. I'm using 
Your programme for solving inverse field problems. I have the following 
Above fixed number of generations there is a saturation in cost function and 
one value is repeated. Diversity is lost and solution converges to far away 
point. I'm using SimpleGA and GABin2DecGenome. That I accept and I want to 
continue from the point I reach with different algorithms or parameters. So 
I have to insert the solution in a new loop.
Can You please tell me how to insert my 12 variables as a initial population 
and to start from that point and fitness a completely new loop with 
GABin2DecGenome. I want to insert real numbers converted into initial binary 
string alleles without using fixed or non-fixed seed.
Can You also tell me what does it mean that seed when it is used for string 
initialisation. What is the function which converts the seed into initial 
binary string. How is implemented that representation and how can be 
controlled precisely?

Thank You for Your attention!


Milko Kuilekov

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