Problem in selection and adding to population

Pragyansmita Paul pragyan at
Thu Dec 19 07:30:56 EST 2002


I am having a problem in using GALib for solving a routing problem.

1. using GARouletteWheelSelector, if I select from a population, after the first two selections, it repeats the same individual for the following selections. Kindly let me know the reason for the same and if possible, how to avoid this behaviour.

2. Next after crossover and mutation, I have a new set of individuals. When I try adding them the code hangs there.
I have traced that it hangs in the following position of GAPopulation.C

GAPopulation::grow(unsigned int s) {
  if(s <= N) return N;

  int oldsize = N;
  while(N < s) N += csz;

Out here csz becomes 0. Any suggestions on how to overcome this. What are the properties of the population on which csz depends? So that I can accordingly set it.

Thanks in advance and waiting for a response,
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