NEWBIE: Help needed !

Neil Osborne nc_osborne at
Fri Aug 30 20:13:17 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I've stumbled accros GALIB TODAY and it seems to be what I've been looking 
for all along. However, I have three big problems:

I know very litle C++ (I'm a C man)
I know even less about GA
I need to solve a potentially tricky optimisation in great haste.

I will be VERY, VERY grateful if someone could show me the ropes, I've 
already had a look at the examples, but they are so far removed from what I 
need to do. Basically, I have a dynamic model which can be "tweaked" by a 
set of parameters ( a mixture of floats and ints).

I need to find the optimal values for the numbers that will result in a 
stable model ( relatively invariant under different environments as well as 
producing a good out of sample forecast).

I hope I haven't put any potential helpers off with my hazy explanation, but 
I have more info for anyone who can offer any help.

Many Thanks

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