How to use #s with GAlib ?

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Thu Apr 25 07:58:12 EDT 2002


We are a group of four Computer Science students
working on a project involving 'Intrusion Detection
using GA' for our final year. We intend to use GAlib
for our GA engine implemntation.

Our genome is a string from {0,1,#} where # is a wild
card. It indicates a 'dont care' condition. We would
like to know whether we can use GAlib effectively for
such a genome. We have gone through the documentation
file (rev B) but it doesnt suggest anything about
using #s. Could you please suggest a data structure to
represent such a genome which we can use along with
GAlib ? What other modifications would we need to make
in the existing classes in GAlib for such an
implementation ?

Thank you.

Jaykumar Gosar
Anubahv Dhoot
Manish Chiddarwar
Sumeet Bhojani

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