help! by old VC++5

Meijian An meijian at
Thu Sep 20 09:07:13 EDT 2001

Hi,  I am a PH.D student of geophysics and I am looking for a good GA libs.

I am using (old) VC5(with Service Pack 3) in Win2000. it is lucky for me to directly compile and link the library of galib245 well by the project in msvcpp5. But when I tried the vc sample GADEMO (I believe its project is of VC6) by that library, there always appear some errors. after I changed the compile errors, there always are some link errors. indeed, I am not a real programer of VC++.

in this time, two days have been passed and I am very tired.

How can I do? Who has a well VC5 sample using galib?


M. An

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