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Fri Mar 30 04:45:10 EST 2001

Dear Sir,
Although I've read the documentation, I still got some problems under
the Borland c++ 4.5.
I downloaded the GAlib and stored it in directories c:\GAlib\galib245,
c:\GAlib\tspdemo and c:\GAlib\gademo.
 Under the c:\GAlib\galib245 there are subdirectories \ga , \examples
and \doc.
When I did "make ex1" in c:\GAlib\galib245\examples, I got an error
                                        Error makefile 10: command
syntax error
I've try to modify makevars.win32 but I cannot fix it .
Would you tell me what files should I modify and  how to fixed it.
Thank you in advance.
                                                       Sincerely Yours
Ting Kuo
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