Need help urgently with negative values satnam at
Mon Jul 23 01:53:38 EDT 2001


I have been trying to use GALIB to model a resource Management type of a
problem. I have been trying to give enumerated negative values to GALIB.
Seems like GALIB takes the absolute of the values?

float values[] = {-1,-2, -4 };
GAAlleleSet<float> set1(3, values);
GAAlleleSet<float> set2(1, 5, 0.5);
GAAlleleSetArray<float> array (set1);
GA1DArrayAlleleGenome<float> genome(array,Objective);
GASimpleGA ga(genome);

returns -1, 1

Does GALIB take negative values? If no is there a easy way to model it.

Thanks in advance

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