vijay G kovvali vkovvali at
Thu Aug 9 23:53:54 EDT 2001

This is how my structure looks:

class CMyClass // A stripped down version of my class
        void Do_GA_Stuff();
        float FitnessFunc(GAGenome& );
float (CMyClass::*pt2Member)(GAGenome&);
void CMyClass::Do_GA_Stuff()
    GARealAlleleSetArray MyBounds;
    // Fill MyBounds
   pt2Member = &CMyClass::FitnessFunc;
    // Create a pointer to Member Function
   GARealGenome MyGenome(MyBounds, (*this.*pt2Member));
  GASimpleGA ga(MyGenome);

float CMyClass::FitnessFunc(GAGenome& g)
    // Do stuff
    return value;

Thelibrary class for the GAReal Genome takes the following constructor:

   GA1DArrayAlleleGenome(const GAAlleleSetArray<T> & a,
   GAGenome::Evaluator f=(GAGenome::Evaluator)0,
   void * u=(void *)0);
I am getting the following error with:
GARealGenome MyGenome(MyBounds, (*this.*pt2Member));
[C++ Error] CControl1.cpp(1007): E2285 Could not find a match for 'GARealGenome::GA1DArrayAlleleGenome(GARealAlleleSetArray,float(GAGenome &))'

The fitness function should be a float (GAGenome&), so I don't understand the problem. Any help on how I can correct this problem would be great. Thank you. I am using BCB 5.0.


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