TSP Demo, GaLib 245, and Borland VC++Builder 5

Allan Bartolome adbartolome at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 26 10:40:04 EDT 2001


I'm trying to get the TSP Demo to work on Borland's VC++ Builder 5.  I've
already downloaded the TSP Demo, GaLib 245...and I just installed VC++
Builder 5.  Sifting through the code, readme files, and the overview files,
it looks like I have to insert code into the MainFrame and the TSPdemoDoc
files.  Reading through the various e-mails, it also looks like I have to
link GaLib 245 to the TSP Demo files?  I'm also getting two files for each
of the unzipped TSP files (a C++ file and an h file) - does this mean that
the C++ file has already been compiled?  Probably not because a compiled
code should put out an exe file, right?

I guess the question I'm trying to ask is..."Does anyone know the
step-by-step process to get the TSP demo to work?

Sorry for the dumb questions - I'm new to the C++ game.

Thanks in advance.
--- Allan Bartolome
--- adbartolome at earthlink.net
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