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Mon Apr 23 03:48:02 EDT 2001

To all,

There has, of late, been a wide spread discussion in the UK about the number
of students/school-children who are exploiting the good intentions of people
that contribute to this type of forum. Indeed, it is now possible to acquire
a ready made essay on just about any topic from a host of Internet sites
that are essentially making money out of plagiarism. I am sure I am among
others, that contribute here, which have been contacted directly by those
intent upon avoiding effort. Indeed, many of the questions I have received
could be answered by the student if they were to conduct even a limited
review of literature. So, I strongly suggest that the only information that
should be provided is of that nature, namely, a good citation(s) that might
help the student get started.

Apologies to those that consider this a useless waste of bandwidth.

Best regards,


Dr. I. D. Wilson
Research Fellow
Division of Mathematics and Statistics
School of Technology
University of Glamorgan
(01443) 480480 ext. 2268

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